The World of Dust / everything

Howart / guitar, backing vocals

Oliver Oat / keys, vocals

Combo Qazam / guitar, keys, vocals

Sven Agaath / bass guitar

Venues: 013, Amstelkerk, Paradiso, Trouw, Hedon, Rotown, V11, OT301, Tivoli, Luxor Live, Gigant, Paard van Troje, Effenaar, Asteriks, Vera, Ekko, LVC, dB’s, Goede Vrijdag, Ruimte voor Kunst, Roodkapje, De Kargadoor, KNG56, De Vechtclub XL, SUB071, Dokzaal, Tweetakt Festival, Popronde, De Affaire, Festival aan de Werf, Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht, Crossing Border, Into The Great Wide Open, Incubate, Noorderslag, Eurosonic, Melodica Groningen, etc.

Countries: USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Austria, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Estonia, Ukraine.

I have also played in these bands: Lost Bear, I Am Oak, Placemat, The Subhuman, Findel, Guinevere Leaves, Grapes of Grain, MEST, The Had Hats, The Subhuman & The Holy Ghosts.

I played on the following records. The list includes full lengths, EPs and singles on CD, CD-r, 7″, 10″ and 12″ vinyl, cassette, and as a download. Also included are compilation albums where I contributed with new songs.

The World of Dust – Samsara
V.A. – Lodger Doll Three (The World of Dust)

Howart – Howart
The Boggs – Kerfuffle
The Had Hats – The Complete Recordings
Onkalo – Gloomth
Lian Ray – (On How To) Turn You On
The Adventures of Mr World Clock & The Empty Spine Band
Hello Whirled – Open Casket Beach
Bingel – Bingel
V.A. – Familiealbum
Hallucinatorium – Hallucinatorium
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Naked Shortsellers – The Best of Folks / Harbour Men

Lost Bear – Donkey Shot
The World of Dust – Golden Moon
The World of Dust – Bhava (reissue)
The Red Diets – Weird Crocodile

I Am Oak – Wild Birch
Lost Bear – Inside The Dragon
Lost Bear – CRAAASH!
The Subhuman – Green Porcelain EP
The Subhuman – Mountain Lugs (2005-2013)
Stefan Breuer – Muzikale Landschappen
L’Opera – Guignol’s Days Are Numbered
Oh Ship – Local Meditation Invasion

The World of Dust – Womb Realm
Lost Bear – Monkey Pop
Sascha Elisah – The Last One
Ancient Aliens – Talking God & Pollen Boy
Drunk Hippies – Social For Lawyers, Fleming For Lending
Commander of the Khmer – Rib Seminary
Napoleon Gamble – Your Mouth Is Godspeed
Orka – Orka
The Vacuum Orchestra – Ghouls Night Inna Patrick Style

The World of Dust & Luifabriek – Blue Diamonds/Screw Ups
The World of Dust & The Things We Are – X
Sven Agaath – Simple Field Calculator
Five Wisdom Kings – The Great Beyond
Okapi – Private Rocket Science
I Am Oak – Ols Songd

The World of Dust – Bhava
Lost Bear – Baboon Deluxe
Bart van der Lee – Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying
Pino Plaza – Ik Ken Een Mens
V.A. – Snowstar Records Compilation (The Subhuman, Lost Bear, Bart van der Lee, I Am Oak)
V.A. – Pay The Bill (The Subhuman)

The Subhuman – Swamp Monster
The Subhuman – Planet Buddha
I Am Oak – Nowhere Or Tammensaari
Lost Bear – Shingolai
Pino Plaza – rOnd de tafel
V.A. – Patrick United (Big Sub, Monster, DJ Jean Grey, Bison Kid)

Lost Bear – Limshasa
Onkalo – Onkalo
I Am Oak – Oasem
V.A. – Utrecht Indie Route (I Am Oak, The Subhuman, Lost Bear, Howart)
V.A. – Shaky Maracas Compilation (The Had Hats, Lost Bear)

I Am Oak – On Claws
Lost Bear – Balkan Tour Split
Bart van der Lee – Between Tall Pine Trees
Misfit Mascottes – Isle Of Misfit Mascottes
The Subhuman – Life After Death ep

Lost Bear – 10″ Split
The Subhuman – Sur La Route 7″
The Subhuman – All Birds Dream Of Being Human
V.A. – What Can You Do In 30 Seconds (The Subhuman)
V.A. – Snowstar Records Compilation (The Subhuman, Grapes of Grain)
V.A. – Seasons (The Subhuman)
V.A. – Sietze! (Lost Bear)

Grapes of Grain – It Slowly Fades
Guinevere Leaves – Close
The Subhuman – Tour EP

The Subhuman – A World Full Of Melodies
The Subhuman/Yop – Harmonies Cry/Sugarcandy Mountain split
Grapes of Grain – Balloons From The Blue
V.A. – A Fine Collection By Friends And Family BMT Sampler Pt. 2 (The Subhuman)

The Subhuman – Sorry Machine
Yop – A Ltd. Lion Pup
Placemat – Animal Distortion
Kimono Eskimo – Once In A Blue Moon

The Subhuman & The Holy Ghosts – Billy Kostell
The Subhuman – Valley Songs (2003-2005)
The Subhuman – Knowing Is Half The Battle
Placemat – Best of Placemat
Placemat – New & Improved

Easton – Singular
The Subhuman – Black Songs For Blue People
The Subhuman – Sweet Valley, Every Snow
MEST – De Grupo Kandahar EP

Pino Plaza – Teleoa
Placemat – st
The Subhuman & The Holy Ghosts – st
The Subhuman – Blackfish
1/4 Anna – st

1/4 Anna – Ik Zat Op Mars Ofzo
Fragile Are The Wings On Our Backs While – st
Placemat – dEPlacemat
Placemat – Tegen Het Morsen
The Subhuman – Rare Tracks (2000-2002)
The Subhuman – The Piano ep
The Subhuman – The Subhuman ep
The Subhuman – The Holy Ghost

Placemat – st
The Subhuman – A Minor Poet

The Subhuman – Shoegazing
The Subhuman – There’s A Mangy Inbada In The Backyard (1999-2000)
The Subhuman – A Rotifer’s Dragging My Onyx Away

The Subhuman – Shemozzle For Invertebrate Mustelidae
The Subhuman – Fuzzy Polecats With Polka Dots

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